about me

I've taken my mothers gorgeous Italian recipes and given them a healthy quick twist. The recipes have all the fragrant delicious flavors I grew up on with a lighter and easier way to prepare them that suits my busy lifestyle.

I recreate all the recipe's I grew up on. I come from Sicilian parents and much of my cooking has a southern Italian element. I've created my own recipe's as well which too are light and healthy.

I am a mother of 4 children with a full time job and a blog. Healthy meals are very important to me. Time is always an issue, so fast has to be part of the cooking equation too. My meals are healthy, quick and tasty. I love to try new combinations with the classic ingredients I use.

I created this blog to not only record my family recipe's, but to create a place where I could document the tremendous oral history in my mothers stories. Not quite sure where or how I will incorporate them. Much like myself, this blog is a work in progress.

A dear friend of mine, and blogger herself, Gina of skinnytaste.com kept telling me I should create my own forum for sharing recipe's. After years of listening, but not acting, I finally did it. Here it is and I hope these meals bring you and your family as much pleasure as they do mine.
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