Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stracciatella - Italian Egg Drop Soup

Stracciatella soup is a very low calorie, simple and quick soup you can whip up in as fast as you can boil water. In 5 minutes I cooked this high protein, virtually fat free soup that tastes fantastic.

This soup is surprisingly filling and really low calorie. Its basically spinach, egg whites and water!  How easy is that.

I like to use this soup as a starter for a meal.  It is a great first course before a meat dish.  Its either pasta for round 1 or a soup in our home and this soup makes its to the table pretty often.



  • 3 ozs of fresh spinach, chopped
  • 6 cups chicken stock, low sodium preferably
  • 6 egg whites, beaten
  • Ground pepper to taste

In a medium pot bring broth and spinach to a boil. Add beaten whites while stirring and cook for 1 minute or until whites are firm. Remove from heat. Top with grated cheese (optional).

Servings: 5


If made with gluten free stock, it is a gluten free meal.

You can also use a half a frozen box of chopped spinach, thawed for 2 minutes in microwave  if you dont have fresh on hand.

You may also just make a stock out of boullons if you dont have any stock handy.

***If you'd like the Julia's not so Healthy Italian version, its with whole eggs and you would add a couple teaspoons of grated cheese to the eggs, beat well , then pour into the stock...YUMMMM!***


  1. Wow, this soup looks unbelievably good! I can't believe it only has four total ingredients. If I wanted to spice this up a bit, what would you recommend that I use for additional flavoring?

  2. My mom makes this all the time too! But, she uses whole eggs and mixes grated cheese (usually Parm or pecorino romano) with the eggs before she drops it into the stock. So this could be for your "other" not so healthy italian cooking site, lol. Love this blog by the way!

  3. Hey Matt, Cristina hit the nail on the head! the Julia's not so Healthy Italian version is with whole eggs and add a couple teaspoons of parmigiano or pecorino romano cheese to the eggs before you beat them. :)


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